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6 Best Baritone Ukulele 2018 | Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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The world of ukuleles is broad and very interesting. It is a lovely instrument, with size, sounds, and other particular characteristics. Do you need to find the best baritone ukulele?  But choosing the best baritone ukulele is not easy work.

There are many reasons to choose a baritone ukulele as your new instrument.

Baritone sized ukuleles have a unique and deep sound when comparing with other sizes. Its size is especially suitable for intermediate players. And it is ideal for guitar lovers too.

However, you should know many things about the products to make a right buying decision.  Material quality, brand, durability, and price are some essential facts.

Although you made the right buying decision, it is essential to take good care when using it.

Interests in products are different from person to person. So, In this article, I included a complete review of six good baritone ukes and some more important facts for extra reading. 

All the baritone ukuleles in this list are highly recommended by well-experienced musicians.


ProductPhotoFeaturesCheck Price On Amazon

Kala MK-B Makala Baritone Ukulele

Kala MK-B Makala Baritone Ukulele front

1) Rosewood Fretboard and Bridge
2) Includes Fullset
3) Manufacturer is World Famous


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Oscar Schmidt OU53S Baritone Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt OU53S Baritone Ukulele

1) Aquila Nylgut strings
2) Regular Look
3) Long-lasting Sounds


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Caramel CB103 Zebra Wood Baritone Acoustic Electric Ukulele

Caramel CB103 Zebra Wood Baritone Acoustic-Electric Ukulele front

1) Zebra Wood
2) Unique Appearance
3) Acoustic-Electric Ukulele


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Kala KAA-15B Mahogany Baritone Ukulele

Kala KAA-15B Mahogany Baritone Ukulele front

1) Mahogany Body
2) Comfortable Frets
3) Bright and Sharp Tones


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Luna UKE VMB RDS Vintage Mahogany Baritone Ukulele

Luna UKE VMB RDS Vintage Mahogany Baritone Ukulele

1) Red Satin Color
2) Hard Body
3) Good Combination Of Materials


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Cordoba 22B Baritone Ukulele

Cordoba 22B Baritone Ukulele front

1) High Gloss PU Finish
2) Black ABS Binding
3) Resistance To Shock


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1) Kala MK-B Makala Baritone Ukulele

Kala MK-B Makala Baritone Ukulele


  • Weight – 2.75 pounds (1.24 kg)
  • Size – 34 x 7 x 13 inches (86.36 x 17.78 x 33.02 inches)
  • Package includes – Ukulele, Gig Bag, Tuner, Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, Polishing Cloth
  • Our Rating – (4.8 / 5)

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Kala MK-B Makala is a great presentation of ukuleles at a reasonable price. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate level musicians. We can highlight many things, but one of these is their manufacturing materials.

First the fretboard and the bridge that is made of rosewood. These materials help the player a lot to move easily around the ukulele.

The neck is of mahogany that gives a good acoustic when touching it. It feels more comfortable and long-lasting than most of the wood. It also includes a set of standard Aquila Nylgut strings with the presentation. Also, its soundboard has a great finish that gives bright and clear tones.

You will get a clip tuner for a quick and concise adjustment with this. It is a good baritone ukulele, especially for beginners. Because all the accessories in the full set, are essential for a beginner.

Besides, you can keep the tunings for a long time. You can fine-tune it very precisely with its clip tuner. The seller also provides a free gig bag. It is light-weight and easy to carry.

Kala MK B ukulele also has concert, soprano, and tenor sized ukuleles. Finally, it has some details in its design that give it a great look. This, together with the quality of its materials, represents a good option for ukulele. In my article about best concert ukuleles, also I have mentioned some points about the Kala brand.

Technical details

When you go to the Kala brand official website, you will find the quote “The world’s most popular ukuleles.” Kala is a very popular manufacturer for ukes. The whole body of Kala MK-B Makala is made of mahogany. This allows the player to create great tones and melodies. Makala brand always concerns about the quality of its instruments.

Makala baritone ukulele also has a set of accessories that make it very versatile. This baritone ukulele Makala have lots of sales in virtual stores and is recognized for its sounds and presentation. It also has some pins that give a proper adjustment to the tuning.

The tuning won’t fade away easily. So it can recommend as a good baritone uke for traveling too.

The satin finish gives it a great look. The manufacturer hasn’t focused mainly on the outer surface. If there is a polished surface, the instrument will look more professional. However, the vintage style makes the player feel like professional musicians.

It also comes with an Austin Bazaar CD so you can see some tips while you learn about your new instrument. This baritone uke model of Makala is on a great level when considering those points.


  • The tuner is convenient and precise
  • Its price is excellent concerning its quality
  • manufactured by a world famous brand


  • The coating of the paint tends to fade
  • The strings are of average quality


2) Oscar Schmidt OU53S Baritone Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt OU53S Baritone Ukulele


  • Weight – 3.09 pounds (1.4 kg)
  • Size – 31.3 x 13.1 x 4.5 inches (79.5 x 33.27 x 11.43 cm)
  • Package includes – Only the ukulele
  • Our Rating – (4.7 / 5)

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Oscar Schmidt OU53 Is another model that I included in this best baritone ukulele review. One of the characteristics that stand out is its composition.

It has a spruce top that makes it able to generate precise and bright sounds. The quality of its materials ensures a lot of mobility and comfort. It has rosewood back and the sides, which gives a good vibration. And rosewood also gives it great strength and acoustics.

It is an excellent choice for both beginner and expert musicians. I can recommend it as the best baritone ukulele under 300 dollars in 2018.

Its body also has some particular details. The fretboard and the bridge are of rosewood that gives it a unique touch and an outstanding appearance. The sound is warm, and it stays for a long time. OU53 baritone uke has a large sound hole and a good core. It is the reason for long-lasting sound.

Within this best baritone ukulele review, Oscar Schmidt always strives to have teams of great quality and strength.

Tuning of OU53 is absolutely great when comparing with the ukuleles in the same price level. You can create good tones and make accurate adjustments when tuning it. Nuts are easily rotatable and fixed well.

In some acoustic electric baritone ukulele reviews also, the author highlights the versatility fact. Its pins are very resistant and give a precise fit. It also brings a set of Aquila Nylgut strings that stay tuned with a little adjustment.

Technical details

When considering some more facts in deep, can see that the frets are somewhat sharp. Sometimes it may be annoying to the player. The fingers may hurt if you pressed tightly. But as the time pass, it will be smooth with the contact of fingers.

The separation between the strings, the mast, and the bridge is a little high. All this, because a beginner level player can damage his fingers by not understanding the style of playing it. However, it is not a big deal for intermediate level players.

When it comes to the soundboard, it looks like a regular uke. There are no any significant things. The nut brings a standard fit, and it should adjust after buying. Adjusting the nut is not a big deal. It has satiny touches that make it have an excellent presentation.

Oscar Schmidt OU53S is somewhat heavier when compared to other baritone ukes. But it still easy to carry and easy to use. This is especially for players who know about ukuleles. Oscar Schmidt OU553S uke is a great choice among intermediate users. Its versatility and high resistance make it a very tempting option for musicians. 


  • Versatility to touch it
  • Spectacular appearance
  • High quality and long-lasting sounds


  • Not very easy to configure at the beginning
  • The separation between the strings, mast, and the bridge can generate distortions when touched
  • Physical appearance is not unique


3) Caramel CB103 Zebra Wood Baritone Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

Caramel CB103 Zebra Wood Baritone Acoustic-Electric Ukulele


  • Weight – 1.98 pounds (0.89 kg)
  • Size – 29.9 x 10.2 x 3.1 inches (75.94 x 25.9 x 7.87 cm)
  • Package includes – Ukulele and Trust Rod
  • Our Rating – (4.6 / 5)

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It is an Acoustic-Electric ukulele model. You can play it either with or without electricity.

Caramel CB103 Baritone ukulele is so different from those of the previous two ukes. Its body is the most significant part when comparing with other previous models. Name of this ukulele contains a part “Zebra Wood.” Carefully look at the body part. It is not a sticker or painting. It is made of zebra wood, and its details are polished by hand. Zebra Wood gives it a very professional and unique look.

It has an embedded reinforcement bar that gives it great support and resistance.

The tuning fork and the bridge are of walnut. It is wood that has good resistance. Zebra Wood also has a significant resistance when compared to Walnut. With the combination of these two wood types, it makes the instrument more and more resistance.

And another significant thing in this instrument is it is very lightweight. It brings 18 frets to generate good rhythms. It also includes a set of Aquila strings that produce a brilliant sound. Its soundboard allows creating perfect tones.

It also highlights the microphone that brings the standard version. This can be tuned in three different tones like low, medium and high to get different sound levels. It is an excellent selection among cheap ukuleles that are available in the market. Also note that baritone ukulele reviews from Amazon, users say they like the quality of acoustics.

This product has a high demand all the time. Caramel CB500 is also another product that has same qualities like the CB103.

Technical details

It is very famous among buyers because of the tuners. They are chrome and highly resistant. They provide a perfect fit when tuning without losing. After tuning it, this ukulele keeps tuning for a long time.

The sound is good, and at the same time, it is not noisy. The separation between the strings and the mast gives a proper tension in the strings.

It also has a chromatic tuner with an LCD screen. This allows a precise adjustment in the tonalities. It also adapts very well to the amplifiers, giving a brilliant sound. The strings are adjusted in a very characteristic way since they get through holes in their base.

The separation between the frets is ideal, especially for beginning musicians. It also comes with a truss that allows straightening the neck. The truss also gives a touch of the bow to allow the vibration of the strings. After making appropriate adjustments, you can get a quality sound electrically.

The tuner fine tunes and sharpens the sound. This baritone ukulele electric is very versatile and is a good option to start playing. It can recommend especially for beginner musicians. It has a set of accessories that also make it a good choice.


  • The truss works very well
  • High compatibility of the tuner with the amplifiers
  • Can use as an electric baritone ukulele


  • The design is somewhat traditional but has many details of artistry
  • Generates distortions by the separation between the strings


4) Kala KAA-15B Mahogany Baritone Ukulele

Kala KAA-15B Mahogany Baritone Ukulele


  • Weight – 7 pounds (3.17 kg)
  • Size – 33.5 x 7 x 13 inches (85.09 x 17.78 x 33.02 cm)
  • Package includes – Ukulele, Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, Polishing Cloth, and Hard Case.
  • Our Rating – (4.6 / 5)

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It is also a baritone uke from the Kala brand. It is the best baritone ukulele under $200 according to my recommendations. Most crucial fact in this ukulele is its durability and stability. Top and the sides are hardly fixed without having loose connections.

Body material is of mahogany wood, and it gives a good sound quality.The freshness of the mahogany wood makes it look great. At the same time, its materials make it very resistant to shocks.

Both the bridge and the fingerboard are made of rosewood. Most of the best travel guitars are also made with the combination of Rosewood and Mahogany. This combination gives top mobility to the musician and in this way make great chords.

Its dark satin finishes give it a great presentation. Its mast is also made of mahogany. The separation of its frets is very neat and appropriate. Quality of the frets gives great mobility to the player. These frets are not sharp like the frets of Oscar Schmidt OU53S model. They are comfortable for the fingers and can play for a long time.

It also includes a free clip tuner that gives precise tunings. At the same time, this is a solid wood baritone ukulele that gives good versatility and mobility. You can just tune it and keep that tone for a long time.

It can give low tones to correct characteristic rhythms well. It brings a set of Aquila Nylgut strings too. Undoubtedly, another best baritone ukulele that can be part of your collection.

Technical details

When going for some deep parts of this Kala ukulele review, there is a GraphTech NuBone nut and saddle. NuBone is a part of GraphTech company and specialized in making nuts of guitars and ukuleles.

Kala always focus on both exterior appearance and material quality. But in this model, they have mainly focused on the standard of materials.Its materials make it very resistant and can accompany you on all your tours. It will be more beautiful if there is an eye-catching color like Oscar Schmidt OU53S.

It is ideal for both beginners and intermediate musicians. But most suitable for the experienced intermediate players.

You will get a clip-shaped tuner in the original package which helps to tune the instrument less than five minutes.

It can give a perfect fit and keep it for a long time. All this is thanks to its pins. At the same time, these pins are wrought iron and long-lasting than most of the brands.

Finally, its strings are different from other ukes regarding adjustment, but it gives an excellent sound when playing. When considering the product weight, I can recommend this to the people having big hands. There are top Kala concert ukulele models and Kala tenor ukulele models too.


  • Suitable for both beginners and intermediate players
  • Gives bright and sharp sounds
  • High durability level


  • The strings take time to tune up
  • Their finishes have to stain
  • Appearance is not eye-catching


5) Luna UKE VMB RDS Vintage Mahogany Baritone Ukulele

Luna UKE VMB RDS Vintage Mahogany Baritone Ukulele


  • Weight – 2 pounds (0.9 kg)
  • Size – 27 x 6 x 10 inches (68.58 x 15.24 x 25.4 cm)
  • Package includes – Only Ukulele
  • Our Rating – (4.5 / 5)

Check Price Now


This is also a perfect option for baritone ukulele buyers. Many details stand out from this presentation of LUNA. The first detail is the body made of mahogany that gives a great resistance.

It is special for most of the beginner musicians. It also has a vintage style and a red satin color that makes it look phenomenal. Others highlight the design details that complement it regarding appearance.

It has especially its resonance box and its tuning fork. About this, its neck is also made of mahogany allows a great tension in the strings. Also, the separation of the frets gives great mobility to touch. Its 16 frets enable creating a variety of tonalities.

It also has a triangle pearl inlay that gives it a good look. It is a unique feature that we can’t find in most of the ukes. The shape of the neck in the form of C gives a brilliant sound quality. The color of the fretboard is not eye-catching. It brings a small odd look for the uke.

The bridge also very hard when compared to most of the ukes in the same price category. It has an excellent shock resistance too.

The mahogany wood, as well as the open gear style tuners, give a good precision. The fingerboard is walnut that provides versatility when it comes to playing. They also add a sustained effect.

Technical details

This uke offers excellent versatility for its manufacturing materials. First of all, its mahogany body gives it great strength and mobility. The body is hard and, it doesn’t get any damages although you drop it.

Another significant thing is its pins. They are made of chrome and give a precise adjustment to the tunings. Baritone ukuleles with chrome pins are difficult to find.  Chrome pins are heavier than regular plastic pins and durable. But you have to protect it from humidity. Because sometimes it gives an ugly smell after contacting with water.

You can configure your tones with great quality and give excellent sounds. At the same time, its soundboard provides details of bright and high-pitched sounds. On the other hand, this soundboard also gives some bass effects that give density to the sound.

It also comes with default Aquila strings. Most of the manufactures include Aquila Nylgus for Baritone ukulele strings. The reason is baritone size doesn’t support well with standard strings. The sound totally changes when there are low-quality stings.

LUNA always cares about having a good combination of materials. Many users have positive feedbacks about this uke. It is ideal for all types of musicians.


  • Very consistent to use
  • Gives a bright tone and clear bass
  • Shock resistant


  • The separation between the strings and the fretboard can cause distortions
  • Odd fretboard
  • Somewhat difficult to get low tones


6) Cordoba 22B Baritone Ukulele

Cordoba 22B Baritone Ukulele


  • Weight – 2.65 pounds (1.2 kg)
  • Size – 31.2 x 4.5 x 13 inches (79.24 x 11.43 x 33.02 cm)
  • Package includes – Only Ukulele
  • Our Rating – (4.4 / 5)

Check Price Now


Cordoba 22B is the last model I included on the list. It is the 22 series that combines great sound quality and a high resistance.

It has a spruce top that gives excellent effects when playing. The bridge is of rosewood, provides an attractive finish and mobility to the musician. Its mahogany neck allows an excellent grip to make chords correctly.

The fretboard is of rosewood too. And allows the user to play through its 16 frets properly. Additionally, it is recommended for beginner musicians because of the great separation between the frets. It is also suitable for people with big hands. It is cheap but difficult to find in most stores.

Both back and sides are made up of Indian rosewood. It is a kind of rosewood that has good qualities than normal rosewood. They are well fixed with a durable Black ABS Binding. But don’t expose it to humidity because this material easily allows the fungus to grow on the surface.

Also, its composition of materials gives a high resistance to shock. Many users say that it has a very classic and traditional look. It is like a small version of a standard guitar.

Rosewood fingerboard and bridge gives precision to its strings. Also, this provides an excellent tension favorable to sounds. Also, its appearance has many visual details. The contrast that exists between the bridge and the fretboard gives it a great look.

Technical details

Strings of Cordoba 22B also provide very characteristic bass. Many users say that the length of the strings on the fretboard gives a perfect fit to play it. Cordoba always innovates regarding the sound quality of its ukuleles. It has a High gloss PU finish like most of the best electric guitars.

At the same time, this ukulele is ideal for beginners, intermediate and expert musicians alike. All this is thanks to the great composition of its neck, fingerboard, and bridge. This last feature is essential to avoid damaging your fingers. It makes it possible to play in different styles and gives excellent mobility to all musicians.

Its tuners have a lot of precision and durability. That is, they can give a proper adjustment to the tuning and can maintain it for a long time. Being solid rosewood, this ukulele has a significant resistance to shock. At the same time, its materials give it a very comfortable weight to move.

I strongly suggest buying a hard case for this ukulele. It will help the ukulele to protect from various weather changes and humidity conditions. Cordoba 24b baritone ukulele is an excellent alternative to the Cordoba 22B model.


  • Has the accurate amount of frets that make it very versatile
  • Has a deep classical sound
  • Suitable for professional level too


  • The finish can be a bit slippery when touched
  • Does not come to put on a leash
  • Difficult to withstand climatic changes



What is a baritone ukulele and How does it sound?

The baritone is the largest instrument of the ukulele family. Its length is about 30 inches. Its tuning resembles that of a classical guitar and has quite deep tones.

It differs from the other ukuleles in size, maneuverability, tuning, and sound. It is ideal for those who seek depth and thrust in the sound. Its four strings are tuned exactly like the four highest strings of the guitar. The baritone ukulele has several models, allowing users to select from the existing variety in the market. Between the different models they emphasize:

  • Oscar Schmidt OU55CE
  • Kala Ka-SBG
  • Kala Ka-B
  • Alvarez RU22B
  • Caramel CB500

The sound that the baritone emits is louder and louder than that of the ukuleles of other sizes. So, their tones tend to be deeper and warmer. In part, this is due to lower tuning.

Check this video to get a better understanding of the sound of baritone uke.


Why the Baritone Ukulele? Advantages and disadvantages of a baritone ukulele

best baritone ukulele freedom

The baritone is the size that has a middle place between the ukulele and the guitar. Soprano, Tenor, Concert have unique sounds, and they don’t sound like guitars. Its tuning is RE-SOL-SI-MI (DGBE). It coincides with the tuning of the four strings below the guitar. It also implies that many of the positions of the chords coincide.

The sound of the baritone is the most serious and deep among the ukulele. This leads to the fact that it can get out of the traditional concept of the instrument. At the same time, it is like playing the guitar on a smaller scale but retaining the Ukulele essence. If you are looking for a traditional musical instrument such as ukulele, and at the same time get typical melodies from guitars, the baritone uke is what you need.

The baritone has its own characteristics, which differentiate it from the other ukuleles as well as the guitars. It represents a good alternative, for the guys who like the ukulele and want something unique.



  • Its size is comfortable and easy to carry.
  • The tuning and chords are very similar to those of a guitar. If you are a guitar player, it will be easy to play this instrument.
  • It keeps the essence of the typical ukulele in a certain way.
  • Its frets are more separated, facilitating movement in some players. Especially those with big fingers.
  • Add a unique and complementary variety of the ukulele.


  • Loses a bit the roots of the ukulele
  • Tuning is different from the rest of the ukuleles
  • It is not as easy to handle as its sister instruments (soprano-concert-tenor)
  • The learning period may be longer.
  • It is less frequent than those in your group, and therefore your workouts are less accessible.


Special things to keep in mind when buying the best baritone ukulele

best baritone ukulele on gardenThere are specific factors that you must think of when choosing a baritone ukulele. Knowing in advance, that its tuning and sound is different from the rest of the ukulele. When selecting, take into account:

The Materials: The main thing the sound depends on is the materials. The best baritone ukulele has solid wood. This detail differs from the sound of one with laminated materials or laminated wood. Mahogany is an exciting selection for your instrument. If you want to spend little money, a laminated wood baritone can be more durable than others of its kind.

The Strings: Among the existing options the Aquila chains is a great option, and it is not secret for ukulele connoisseurs. Selecting the appropriate strings can be the difference marked in the overall tone of your baritone.

Quality of Compilation: This factor is the responsibility of the manufacturer. Try to select the most famous manufacturers. Those that have a better reputation This will give you peace of mind regarding the quality of your instrument. The higher the quality, the more excellent the durability and fit. Plus, the fact that its lifespan should be longer, and you will enjoy your baritone ukulele for longer.

Tuners: Tuners are essential to keep the cords in place. They provide greater precision to the instrument and allow accurate sounds. Use easy-to-use tuners that facilitate grip.

Aesthetics: To feel identified with your baritone, it is essential that you select one that captures your attention when you see it. If you can feel a connection to a musical instrument, you can feel pleasure when you touch it. Although you buy a high-quality ukulele, if you do not like its appearance, the connection with the instrument will not be total.


The manufacturing process of a baritone ukulele

The manufacturing process of the baritone ukulele is fascinating, here is a breakdown of the procedure:


They take a couple of flat fiber plates, taking out three panels. Each panel has a central line, the template of the box is stenciled on them. After sanding the three panels and the other two silhouettes are equalized. It has four holes are with their drill, one at each corner.

Through which the threaded rods place as pillars of the mold. From the surplus of one of the panels, the floor of the mold is removed. This ensures that the rings have a perfect plane. Then the second plate it has will allow you are controlling the height of the plate.


The wooden slats are with the exact measurements of the instrument. At the same time, the assembling is inside the mold. Once folded the rings are fixed with the silhouette of the mold using templates.

After removing one of the plates, we cut with a jigsaw leaving at least 1mm remaining along the contour. The central line of the template is located on the joining edge of each cover. Finally, the harmonic cover and the rods are placed, gluing the lid to the rings.


It is exciting to make a baritone ukulele at home using a toy guitar.


Baritone Ukulele Vs. Guitar

Although the baritone ukulele and the guitar share some characteristics, they are two completely different instruments. Its most notorious differences are in the size, principle of operations and behavior.

The guitar measures more than 100 centimeters, while the baritone ukulele reaches 76 centimeters in length. The guitars can achieve a greater variety of melodies with their six strings. The baritone ukulele is more limited regarding the rhythms or melodies it can produce with its four strings.

Due to its thin tuning fork and to be a not very long instrument, the ukulele provides greater comfort to play it, especially for beginners. It is also an advantage when moving the instrument from one place to another. The variety of guitars is significant, whether acoustic, electric or semi-electric can find the right one for your personal style. You can also get guitar lessons more easily.

The music sound very good with a baritone ukulele. It sounds like a guitar; it goes from ballads to the most intense rock. The baritone ukulele can reach some melodies. But basically, it’s used for Hawaiian and tropical music. As for prices, a new and quality baritone ukulele costs around $100. A guitar in the same conditions can cost more than $250. In short, the guitar is a versatile instrument that can use in various styles of music.


FAQ about Baritone Ukuleles

Can you tune it like other ukuleles?

No, the baritone tuning is different to the rest of the ukuleles, its method is RE-SOL-SI-MI (DGBE) similar to the four high strings of a classical guitar. If you have a guitar tuning your baritone will be very simple.

If I take two strings off the guitar, do I have a baritone?

The baritone has substantial differences with the guitar, and this goes beyond the number of strings. The main exception is the type of sound that both instruments emit.

With the baritone do I get the same concert music?

Due to its size and construction, the baritone emits different sounds, ranging from the traditional Hawaiian touch, but with a range close to a classical guitar.

Is it easier to play than the other ukuleles?

The difference in size allows the frets to have more separation, so for many people, they will find it more comfortable than the soprano, the concert, and the tenor.

Is there any electric baritone ukes?

Yes, there are many. Mann raptor electric baritone ukulele is a top branded electric uke. But most of the electric models don’t sound like ukuleles. The sound is like electric guitars.

How can I practice baritone ukulele music by myself?

If you know the basics, you can practice by yourself. There are many baritone ukulele songs on youtube. Pick some songs and play.

What about the baritone ukulele cutaway models? Are they good?

Yes, they sound like regular baritone ukuleles. But they don’t look like ukuleles. They have a touch of electric guitars.


Some interesting facts about famous KALA brand

  • You may be wondering where Kala ukuleles are made? Main Kala branch is in Petaluma, CA, USA.
  • Kala KA-BG Baritone Ukulele is the most expensive baritone sized uke produce by Kala.
  • Makala is also a series that introduced by Kala manufacturers. Makala mkb is the most famous baritone ukulele model designed by Kala. MK stands for the Makala series. Makala ukulele concert (MK-C) is the most famous concert ukulele on the market.
  • Kala pocket ukulele and Kala left handed ukulele are some other famous instruments.
  • Kala KA and Kala KAA are not same. They are two different models.


Alternatives for the baritone ukulele

A baritone ukulele is a unique instrument, allowing you to walk between two musical styles at the same time. However, it may not be the right instrument for some players. For those who want to get sharp tones, the concert or tenor ukulele may be more exciting options.

On the other hand, some people prefer the vibrant and traditional Hawaiian sound. For this group of people, the soprano ukulele is indisputably the right alternative.

Many people like the instrument because of its resemblance to the guitar, but at the same time, they want to have more varied sounds. They seek to obtain very low tones up to very high tones in their instrument. In this case, the guitar can allow you to find what you are really looking for.



Created in the 1940s, the baritone is the most recent of the ukuleles. Although its origins are not very clear, it became a traditional instrument of the islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, and Easter Island. It is the largest of the four types of ukuleles.

Its tuning is entirely different since it is DGBE, similar to the four lower strings of the classical guitar. The sound is particularly deep and severe, this due to its design of 76 cm long and the deep of the sound hole. The style in its tone allows you to imagine a middle point, between the traditional ukulele and the guitar.

Among the variables to consider when acquiring one of these instruments, is the quality of the materials, the type of strings, the manufacturer’s brand, the type of tuners and the aesthetic aspect as such.

There is a suitable instrument for each type of player. Related to this, the baritone is the ideal alternative for those who seek to maintain the traditional ukulele melodies. But adding at the same time some sonority of the classical guitar. I hope that this material can guide you to know a baritone ukulele. Know its advantages and disadvantages and define if it is the instrument you are looking. This review will serve as a reference for you to choose the ukulele of your preference and you can count on using a great instrument.

Comment below if you have any ideas or experiences about baritone ukuleles. Don’t forget to check my other related ukulele articles too.


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