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Best Beginner Violin Reviews and Buying Guide – Top 5 Products 2018

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Each time you hear the violin play, it never ceases to excite you. The violin is a stringed instrument with one of the most charming sound ever. However, everyone you see showing great skill in playing lovely tunes on the violin learned it.

girl play violinIf you want to do same, you have to learn it too.

However, not all violins are good for learning. Violins designed for learning come under the category of beginner violins. There are other categories of violins like intermediate violins and professional violins also.

Intermediate violins as the name suggests are made for intermediate violinist. Intermediate violinist refers to violin players whose level of skill fall in-between beginner and professional level.

Professional violins are simply violins for advanced students.

Gladly, first-time learners have several brands of violins for beginners to choose from. Stentor, Cremona, Cecilio, and Kneeling to mention a few are excellent beginner violin brands.


What is the Best Beginner Violin for 2018?

It is cheering to know that some of the beginner violin models made by these brands have been rated best violin for beginners. However, each brand of beginner violin comes with unique features. We recognize that there are some features you like to have on your violin as a beginner.

It is somewhat difficult to mention a single product as there are many good violin models. Here is the best beginner violin collection in 2018.

1) Bunnel Premier ClearanceHigh Quality Sound$$$Check Price
2) Cremona SV-130 Premier NoviceEbony Fretboard$$$Check Price
3) Stentor 1500Attractiveness$$$Check Price
4) Cecilio CVN-300Highly Durable$$$Check Price
5) Mendini 4/4 MV300Completely Handcrafted$$Check Price

Not all brands of beginner violins will have all the features you expect. At the same time, there could be one that comes very close to giving you exactly what you want. Below is a review of the top models of beginner violins.

Hopefully, you would find the one you would grow so fond of and enjoy playing.


1) Bunnel Premier Clearance – best beginner violin for adults

The Bunnel Premier Clearance Violin is one violin in the Bunnel series that offers you cost savings.

Every Bunnel violin in the clearance series originally had one minor production flaw or the other. However, after undergoing repairs, they sound as good as other flawless violins in the beginner series.

The fact that it has been dented at some point makes it come at a lower price. So now, you don’t have to wait until you have enough to buy a premium beginner violin.

With just some few bucks, you can get your learning up to a good start.

Let’s see what this violin can offer.


  • Weight – 7.8 pounds
  • Size – 39.8 x 13.7 x 7.6 inches
  • Package Includes – Violin, Shoulder Rest, Intro to Violin beginners book, Giuliani Rosin, Clip-on Tuner, Hard Case
  • Our Rating –  (4.9 / 5)


The Bunnel Premier Clearance violin has also been handcrafted to produce optimized sound quality. With this essential feature, it matches the best violins in the beginner series on the market.

With so much more to offer, the Bunnel Premier Violin makes one of the best beginner violins you can get.

The Bunnel Premier Clearance violin comes with everything you expect on a standard beginner violin.
Typical of a beginner violin, it comes as a full size four/ 4 with the usual traditional look. It’s grand but straightforward in its outlook. It comes ready to play. You don’t have to spend time coupling parts together and setting it up. You just open the case and play.

As a clearance violin carrying Bunnel’s brand promise, it comes with a lifetime warranty. You won’t get this on any other beginner clearance violin brand in the market.

This feature just makes it the best beginner violin you can trust regarding the integrity of its clearance.

The Stentor Brand

Bunnel is a brand rich in reputation in the musical instrument manufacturing industry. As far as the stringed family is concerned, the Bunnel brand is a force to be reckoned with.

The Bunnel brand over the years has come to have a brand identity of integrity. When you talk of a brand that leaves up to its promises, the name Bunnel easily comes to mind.

The Bunnel brand also does well in designing stringed products with user-friendly features.

Its range of violin models are known for quality sound production and excellent body finishing. The whole spectrum of violins in their product line are hand carved and made from top-grade wooden materials. Usually, they come with a super handy casing made of lasting materials.

Technical Details

Every Bunnel violin is a reflection of quality sound and excellent crafting.

The Bunnel premier clearance violin is another product from the stables of Bunnel that expresses its brand promise.

It comes handcrafted with solid maple and spruce tonewoods. Like any other standard beginner violin, it comes with ebony fitted fingerboard and pegs.

Also, the Bunnel premier clearance violin comes with a hand carved custom fitted maple bridge for quality sound pick-up. It comes with an hand-rubbed oil finish and installed Portland strings.

In its package, you would find a bow made of high-grade long-lasting Brazilian wood stick. More so, the Mongolian hair on the bow allows for a full and bright tone. At the same time, it maximizes bounce and responsiveness.

Other components in the package include an Oblong with straps, Kennedy natural rosin, and extra strings.


  • Comes with full set
  • Rich and warm sound
  • It comes with free set-up. So you can tune and play out of the case


  • Rosin and strings lack quality


2) Cremona SV-130 Premier Novice – best beginner violin under $200

The Cremona SV-130 is a shining example of perfection and excellence in the art of stringed instruments production.

Its performance, attractive look and vibrant sound is absolutely fantastic. Yet it’s a violin designed just for the beginner violinist. These qualities easily make it the best beginner violin you can get. Meanwhile, Learning with the Cremona SV-130 is so much fun.

Beyond mastering finger placement and running the scales, you have a distinctive look to savor. Back to the violin’s look, the whole figure is mainly traditional.

Our review shows you what this beauty can do.


  • Weight – 1.05 pounds
  • Size – 23.5 x 8.2 x 3.8 inches
  • Package Includes – Violin, Hard Case, and Bow
  • Our Rating – (4.8 / 5)


It comes with some innovative additions here and there. This makes it stand-out amongst the many traditional beginner violins at its price point.

Moreover, the Cremona Sv-130 is one violin that has been crafted to inspire you to learn. It has got a soothing tone that suggests nothing about its price. With the Cremona SV-130, you would want to work up your skill until you become a pro.

A good balance of quality, affordability and premium construction are attributes difficult to come by on violins at the entry level. However, the Cremona effortlessly combines these attributes.

It’s the reason why it comes top as the best beginner violin at its price point. Specifically, It comes with an easy-to-play string tension that can be adjusted and ebony tuning pegs. These features make it easy for every student to play and learn at their pace.

The Cremona SV -130 is hand-carved and comes with the best of finishing. With its tonewood body brilliantly finished off with elegant color finishes, every student is proud to dawn the Cremona.

with the cremona, it makes no difference if you are a beginner or a pro.

Cremona Brand

Saga, the makers of the Cremona brand of violins, is a big player in the entry-level category for beginner violins.

Saga as a musical instrument-manufacturing outfit is reputed for making violins that meet the needs of the student market. They have got a quality range of novice series violin products.

All have been crafted to help students easily grasp the basics of playing the violin. At the same time, their production has been guided by the philosophy of maintaining a balance of quality and value.

So if you are buying any of the Cremona novice series, you can be sure it would last. Not just that, you can also be sure of getting a super enhanced tone. One that inspires you to learn. As you start off with the Cremona novice series, you’ll progress steadily.

Technical Details

Its features will drive you on until you become as proficient as your idolized violinist.

Furthermore, The Cremona SV-130 is the best beginner violin in the novice series. On this violin, you’ll get nice features. At first sight, its outlook pins you down.

It has got an impressive figure and ebony fittings. Its fingerboard and chinrest both come made of ebony.

Also, It features a solid spruce top and a hand-carved solid maple neck, back, and sides. This gives it a well-optimized tone resonance. To give it a distinctive look, it also comes with an upgraded A.Breton VP-61.

An alloy tailpiece with four in-built fine tuner makes it easy to bear on the shoulders while playing. The Cremona SV-130 comes in an ultra-light arched top suspended case. This case is made of some durable materials and a good mix of green and black colors.

The case houses the violin and other add-ons. In fact, you will find an A.Breton AB-112 premium Brazilian wooden bow in there. An ebony frog and an original white horsehair complete the package.


  • Ebony fretboard
  • Good value for the money


  • Strings lack quality
  • Does not come ready to play. Tuning pegs need to be set up


3) Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin

If you are a violinist just learning the rudiments, you need a violin like the Stentor 1500 4/4. There are several reasons why it makes a good fit for you. The very first is the brand promise Stentor holds for its entry-level violins.

The musical instrument production outfit is committed to producing quality student -friendly violins that enhances your learning experience.

When it comes to sound quality, it offers you something different. It is common for student violins to come with a hardwood body.

Let’s take a look at our Stentor 1500 review.


  • Weight – 1.05 pounds
  • Size – 23.5 x 8.2 x 3.8 inches
  • Package Includes – Violin, Bow, Case, Blanket, a cake of rosin
  • Our Rating – (4.7 / 5)


The Stentor 1500 4/4 with its rare construction tops the chart as the best beginner violin in the market.

The Stentor 1500 4/4 comes with a different material and tonewood, which makes it different from the others. Its tonewood body makes it produce a unique violin sound with a very appealing resonance.

The Stentor 1500 4/4 is the best beginner violin that comes with somewhat different features. Beginner violinist crazy for class would find the Stentor 1500 4/4 a good fit for their ego.

More so, the Stentor 1500 4/4 is just an adorable violin to have. It comes ready to play with quality fittings on the average.

It comes enclosed in a sublime package made of canvas. The package comes lined on the inside with thick fabrics. This provides an extra layer of protection for the violin and other components. The violin package includes the regular items and other added values.

The Stentor 1500 4/4 also comes with strings quite uncommon on entry level beginners’ violin of the same grade.

Stentor Brand

Stentor is a Chinese brand with a knack for style and class. They are a musical instrument outfit that has perfected the art of product differentiation.

All their range of violins can quickly be picked out of the rest. Stentor violins at every price point and category come unique.

Stentor violins also possess a nice resonating tone. Using high-grade sound optimized materials, Stentor crafts its violin to sound heavenly. So if you have sound quality, uniqueness and style in mind, Stentor violins makes a perfect fit.

Technical Details

The Stentor 1500 4/4 is one of Stentors beginner range of violins. It’s made of several premium grade tone optimized woods.

Coming with other rich features, it’s technically the best beginner violin in the market.

Besides, the Stentor 1500 4/4 comes with an excellent grained solid spruce top. The finish is quite beautiful in its natural varnish color shade. With its alloy tailpiece comes well-integrated ebony fittings including four string adjusters and a nylon loop.

The tone fitness of its sound comes from its maple back and side as well as an interior laid purfle. A hardwood chin rest gives its edge an impressive stylish chrome figure that blends with its natural look.

To cap it all up, the bows are ebony with octagonal wood horsehair. This allows for perfect string contact. It comes with a red labeled string that gives a starter a pleasant playing experience. Its canvas pack comes with padded straps for easy carriage.


  • Straps are provided for easy transport
  • Good quality materials
  • Attractiveness


  • Ebony used for the fitting is somewhat less in quality
  • Applied Thick varnish


4) Cecilio CVN-300 Solid wood Ebony Fitted Violin

Quality with simplicity is the perfect word to describe the Cecilio CVN-300. It comes with outstanding hands-on easy-to-play features. This easily makes it another best beginner violin for the money you can get.

As a beginner, you want something with simple adjustable fittings that allow you to learn at your pace. Thankfully, The Cecilio CVN- 300 with its adjustable entry-level fittings gives you the best value in this regard.

Let’s see what else it can give.


  • Weight – 5 pounds
  • Size – 32 x 12 x 5 inches
  • Package Includes – Violin, Chromatic tuner, lesson book, Hard case, 2 x Brazilwood Genuine Mongolian horsehair bows, Rosin cake, Adjustable shoulder rest, and an extra bridge
  • Our Rating – (4.6 / 5)


However, much as you want a simple easy-to-play violin, you also want something durable. This is probably where you would get the most out of the Cecilio CVN-300.

It has a body made of solid wood. This makes it a sturdy stringed instrument that can endure abuse.

As a beginner, you cannot rule out accidental falls. For the most of your learning experience, your fingering and hand positioning would be shaky.

The Cecilio CVN-300 is a good beginner violin you can get with hard-line features. All you need do after an unintended crash is to pick it up, dust it off and continue with your rehearsals.

Moreover, the CVN-300 has got your skill improvement needs covered. The luthier, Cecilio, has just made it a delight to rehearse with. It comes with a perfect tone resonance with distinctive sound quality just excellent for a learner. With its ebony fittings and fingerboard, learning to position your fingers correctly is quite easy.

The Cecilio Brand

Cecilio is a premium brand in the instrument manufacturing industry. They have got a fantastic collection of an array of quality musical instruments. From their stables, several top grade instruments have been released to the market.

As a result, they stand out as one of the industry’s most respected brands.

Impressively, Cecilio has got a track record of stringed instrument production spanning over two decades. With this, they have a compelling success story you can be part of by owning one of their products.

Technical Details

The Cecilio CVN-300 solid wood ebony fitted violin is one of Cecilio’s beginner level product.

With excellent basic features, it is worth considering as the best beginner violin. Typically, the violin offers benefits of playing ease and ease of maintenance.

This makes it unique from the other violins at its price point. In addition to coming with a maple body, it also comes with D’addarion strings. Also makes it produce an original acoustic sound that’s good for training the tone sensitivity of learners.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Needs to be often tuned
  • The Strings are Low Quality


5) Mendini 4/4 MV300 – best cheap beginner violin

As a learner, you don’t need to start out with the pricey gongs. Just getting a violin with a nice sound and a simple body frame is just enough.

There are quite a wide variety of entry-level violins designed for learners in the market. However, the Medini 4/4 MV 300 comes top as the best beginner violin you can get.

Even as an entry level beginner violin, the Medini 4/4 MV 300 is optimized to produce pleasant violin sounds.

Let’s take a closer look.


  • Weight – 3.75 pounds
  • Size – 32 x 5 x 12 inches
  • Package Includes – Violin, Bow, Hard Case, Shoulder Rest, Rosin, and Extra Strings
  • Our Rating – (4.6 / 5)


Mendini 4/4 MV300 is a violin that allows you to practice the basic drills with ease. At the same time, it produces a refined sound. It can produce a warm sound resonance.

This beginner violin comes with a body made of solid wood. This quality gives it durability. Alongside, its solid body comes a bold expression to its cool, traditional look.

As a typical beginner-level violin, the Medini 4/4 MV 300 comes in a well-stocked package. The package offers you added values. Most notably, you get to move around with ease. Also, as a typical beginner violin package, you can get all practice resource materials and components in one place.

It comes ready to play, and you don’t need to worry about assembling the parts together. One of the taglines of the Medini 4/4 Mv 300 is its very affordable price. It’s exciting news for every learner to know that it comes at an amazingly low price. Even with its premium surface finish, the violin comes at a price below $100.

The Mendini Brand

Medini is a distinguished brand in the musical instruments production industry. A major player, so to speak. Medini is reputed for its blend of traditional and classic designs. This brand identity makes their product stand out uniquely.

The Medini 4/4 MV 300 belongs to the stringed instrument product category. In spite of the many brands competing in this category, Medini has carved a niche for itself.

Also, It stands as the only brand that serves the need of the small buyer market segment. A straightforward description of their range of violins ‘quality, simple designs at affordable prices’.

This has also served as their ‘go-to’ market strategy for years. This way they have been able to thrive and establish their brand in the musical instrument industry.

Technical Details

Coming to the Medini MV 300, it is a hand carved solid spruce top violin with maple back and sides. The fingerboard, pegs and chin rest also come made with maple.

The violin has a glossy satin antique finish that makes it hue with a sparkle. It maintains the standard design of an alloy tailpiece with four tuning pegs screwed in.

In its extremely light hard case package, you would find the usual components. In there, is a Brazilian wood bow with a Mongolian horse hair. You would also find a rosin and two bridges. The package comes with an extra string, If you don’t like or want to change the string.

As a mark of product quality assurance, the Medini 4/4 MV 300 comes with a one year Warranty.


  • Solid construction
  • Completely handcrafted
  • Stays in tune


  • Overly bright tone
  • Some colored variants can disturb the sound quality


Some special things to consider when choosing a beginner violin

Beginner violins are in no short supply. You would find them littering almost every musical store you go to.

The reality at the point of purchase is that you could get confused. So many brands would be presented as a good option. You most likely want to leave with only one.

Moreover, you know, you don’t want to make a rush decision that would end up in regrets. To make things easy for you, it is always good to make your choice after considering the following factors.


Generally, beginner violins are not so pricey. However, even at that, they come at different grades. While the lowest grades are about the $100 mark, you would get top grades anywhere between $300 and $500.

Having a budget helps you save the time you would have spent considering beginner violins below or above your budget. Now, you can focus on comparing beginner violins priced within the range of your budget.


It is common for beginner violins to be made of maple wood. However, some brands may come with more attractive but less sturdy plastic or fiber materials.

You must be sure which one you want to go for before heading to the music store.

Style and Built

A good number of beginner violins have the hollow-body traditional built. Some others come with all sorts of creative, stylish outlook. Here, it is all about preference and what you love the most.

Old or Brand New

This is one factor you want to consider if you have a small budget. If you can’t wait until you have enough to buy a new violin, why not? You can go with a used one.

They would be cheaper. Moreover, if you get a chance to test them at the store, better for you. However, if you have the money, of course, brand new ones give you more assurance of durability.

Acoustic or Silent

As a beginner, you would always have to practice. If you are in a place where you don’t want to disturb others, silent violin makes a better fit. Otherwise, you can go for an acoustic violin.


Difference between Student, Intermediate and Professional Violins

Apart from the different classes of violinist they serve, other differences still exist between student, intermediate and professional violins. It is essential that you know the difference between the three. The knowledge will help you both now and when you need to change your violin as you get better.

Student Violins

Pricing: Student violins are the cheapest of the three classes of violins. Their price ranges between $100 and $500.

Size: Usually, it is common for student violins to come in smaller sizes. The reason is that children seem to be more interested in learning to play the violin. To this end, smaller sizes of violin are made for them. This is not to say that student violins do not come in the standard big size 4/4, though. It’s the right size for an adult with a pretty long arm length.

Other components: More importantly, student violins come with learning aids and accessories.

Intermediate Violins

These violins are a notch higher in quality than beginner violins. However, they may still be too amateurish for a professional.

Pricing: intermediate violins have a mid price range of between $400 and $1000
Size: many come in mid-range and the big sizes
Other components: Intermediate violins come with fewer learning aids and accessories

Professional Violins

These are violins for the master violinist. They come with high-end features for savvy professional performance. Usually, they are made with high-grade tone wood and come with premium ebony fittings.

Pricing: Professional violins are pricey. The cheapest come at about $3500. All the way up to $10,000, you would get those with multi-functional features

Size: Many professional violins come as a full size 4/4

Other components: no aides or accessories added.


Pros and Cons of buying a violin for beginners online Vs. In-line store

violin storeBeginner violins can be purchased in musical store-fronts or online. Either way, there are upsides and downsides. Here are some points.

Online Stores


1) Convenience and Comfort
Buying your beginner violin online affords you the luxury of making orders from the comfort of your home. So many stores offer door-step delivery service.

This makes it possible to have your beginner violin delivered to your residence without having to visit a store.

2) Higher Chances for better decision making
From the comfort of your home, you are not under any pressure. You have all the time in the world to choose your preferred beginner violin calmly.

You can carefully compare brands and their features before making a choice. This is very different from the pressing conditions in an in-line storefront.

In there, you may not have the luxury of time to compare brands. You could also easily fall for the witty tricks of desperate shop attendant.


1) No opportunity for Testing
If you are buying online, you can’t have a first- hand feel of violin sound and features before purchase. You have to wait until your beginner violin arrives your home before having a feeling of what it sounds like.

If it sounds below expectation, too bad! You may not be able to do something about this if the store has a no-return policy. So if you are buying online, you want to be sure you can return the violin if you are satisfied.

2) False Adverts and Descriptions
A lot of descriptions could be misleading. They may just be a clever ploy to get you to buy a beginner violin you don’t really want.

Musical Store Fronts


Objective buying decision
At store-fronts, you can make informed buying decisions. This comes as a result of the advantage of having a first-hand experience of how different violins sound.

Guided buying experience
There are knowledgeable attendants at storefronts to help you with your buying decision. Most of them have a vast knowledge of the technical details of different beginner violin brands.

So, they would be able to recommend the best beginner violin that fits your need.


Fewer Brands in Stock
Most of the musical storefronts around are specialty shops. They may only stock limited brands of beginner violins. This may greatly limit your options. Also, this may deny the privilege of getting the best beginner violin at a price point.


How to practice playing the violin as a beginner

violin practice beginnerYou don’t have to bother about quickly achieving mastery as a beginner. Gradual, consistent learning gets you there. However, an essential part of learning is practice.

If you want to become the pro you’ve always dreamed of, you have to practice regularly. For most beginner violinist, the practice can be so dull and uninteresting. However, then, a few violinists enjoy theirs.

They must have been able to crack the code for getting boredom out of practice time. Thankfully, it’s an open secret for every violinist irrespective of the player level to access.

You would get the exciting spark into your practice time by mixing in varieties in your routine. There are so many activities around playing the violin that keeps you alive throughout your practice time. From warm-up activities to playing along with a metronome, to playing together with friends, the list goes on. However, these basic ones help you take off on a good note.

Warm up routines help condition your psyche and get your fingers in the mood. Also, playing with a metronome helps you develop discipline at different tempos.


How to care for your violin as a beginner?

Like every other musical instrument, your violin requires proper care. The more attention you pay to keep it in excellent condition, the longer you will continue to enjoy playing it. Here are five how-to instructions you can follow to keep your violin in good shape.

How to protect the violin

Frequent accidental falls and sudden snaps are bound to happen if your violin is not well protected. The best way to protect your violin is to store it away in its case when not in use. If you carelessly leave your violin lying around, it could be trampled on. You never can tell what part could take a hit when this happens.

How to carry the violin

It is safer to carry your violin in its case. Your violin case provides a double wall of protection against external impact. However, even in there, placing your violin wrongly can damage it. When you are setting your violin in its case, always ensure the case is lying face up.

Then, lay the violin on its back in the carved out space in the case. If you do this correctly the violin’s bridge and strings should be facing up. Then, ensure the case locks up firmly before carrying it by the handle.

How to preserve the tone and sound

The clarity of the tone and sound of your violin is determined by the position of the bridge and sound post. As you loosen and tighten your string, the bridge may bend out of its right angle position. When this happens, it also affects the sound post.

One tip for maintaining the tone of your violin is to moderate the tension of the strings when tuning. If your sound post and bridge have shifted position, you may take your violin to a luthier to fix for you.

How to preserve the varnish

The attractive varnish finish of your violin is something you want to keep. However, unknown to many violinists, certain habits quickly wash them off. Caressing your violin all over with wet, oily hand is one of those habits.

Cleaning your violin with abrasive fabrics and highly reactive liquids like alcohol also erode your violin’s varnish. To keep your violin sparkling, it is rather advisable to use recommended varnish polish.

How to preserve the bow

The best practices for maintaining your bow are quite easy. Ensure you loosen it when you are done playing. This helps prevent the wooden part from warping over time. Also, remember to rosin and rehair your bow regularly to keep it fluid on the strings.


Is it ok to buy an Intermediate level violin or professional level violin?

professional violin playerWe can’t rule out the fact that you could be looking at upfront savings as a beginner. Much as you want a violin that is easy for learning, you also want to make a rational choice.

Getting a violin that would continue to serve your rehearsal needs up to intermediate level sounds good. You don’t want to incur the double cost of buying a beginner violin and upgrading to an intermediate level violin later.

It makes more economic sense to go for a moderately priced intermediate level violin with easy-to-play features. However, you would be taking cost savings too far if you go for professional level violin as a beginner.

While it may appear a smart long-run cost-saving initiative, it certainly doesn’t help your learning. This is because professional violins are not learner friendly. Intermediate level violins strike a perfect balance between long-run cost saving and ease of playing.

So as a beginner you could save some cash down the line and gradually improve your playing skill. As long as you can learn easily with an intermediate violin, it is ok to go for it.


FAQ about beginner violins

violin related questionsWhat is the best posture for playing the violin?

There are generally just two comfortable positions for playing the violin. You can play seated, and you can play while standing. However, for maximum ease and convenience, there are specific body postures to maintain.

If you are sitting, sit upright and lean forward. This relieves your spine of weight and stress. Your legs also have a part to play in giving you good balance and stability while sitting.

To keep you from getting easily tired as a result of pressure on the legs, put one foot forward. If you want to play standing, stand at ease. This relieves the pressure on your knees and keeps you relaxed.

What size of the violin is right for children beginners?

The straight answer is that there are standard sizes of the violin for children beginners. The arm length of children from age nine up to early teenage typically falls between 19 and 22 inches.

The perfect violin sizes for children within this age range are the ¾ and the 7/8. There are yet smaller sizes for children much younger than 9. Usually, toddlers have shorter arm lengths below 21 inches. So violin sizes ranging from the 1/32 to the 1/8 makes a better fit for them.

However, sometimes these standards would not just do. Many violin instructors would also advise that you know the exact arm length of your child. The reason is that some children have exceptional arm lengths. You don’t want to get a ¾ that feels clumsy in your child’s grips where a 4/4 would have been more comfortable.


Wrapping It Up

A great start in your musical endeavor begins with excellent gear. All that is required to help you get your violin selection right have been provided here for you.

From the nifty tips to the how-to guides and the brand review, we have provided you useful information. To help you pick the best beginner violin, this guide has drawn from top violin brand reviews.

Customer feedbacks from the Cremona violin, Cecilio violin, sky violin and the stentor student one violin reviews have formed the basis of this guide. Questions on where stentor violins are made have been answered.

The common mind bug on whether or not Yamaha violins are suitable for beginners to have also been addressed in some way. This guide has presented you the best beginner violin brands.

Coincidentally, many of them have been rated best violin brands for beginners in India. Some of them have been classed differently as the best intermediate violin brands in the UK. This just goes to show that the brands reviewed here rank amongst the best violins in the world.

So, with the information gathered here, you can have a bright start to learning. Also, ultimately, you can also make the best choice of violin even as a beginner. If you have any question, please comment.