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6 Best Electric Guitar 2018 | Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Having an electric guitar is a must for many guitar lovers. These are usually the great companions at important moments. An electric guitar is more than an instrument. In some cases, they are traditionally the consent of the musicians. A guitar is a pleasure and a great entertainment option. On the other hand, there are people from beginners to experts looking for the best electric guitar possible.

Therefore, many seek the best price-quality ratio in the market. In this sense, you can find many options on the internet. However, we have compiled a list that has the excellent choices for electric guitars. Either for the quality of their materials or their characteristics, each of them is special.

Additionally, you will see many technical details that each guitar offers. The differences are many, but each one is to the taste of the musician. Also, we select these options for both beginners and intermediate levels. So all this is united with the main opinions of the users. Each of these guitars has a lot to offer, and they are on top 10 guitars in the world. Elements such as versatility, sound quality, and appearance are essential. Before this, enjoy this post that will tell you the good of each of these guitars.

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Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V OVS Electric Guitar


Low Price
Rosewood Fretboards
Low string Tension

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Yamaha TRBX174 BL Electric Bass Guitar


Mahogany Body
Elegant Look

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Epiphone Les Paul Standard ENS-EBCH1 Electric Guitar


Quality Bolt-on Necks
Unique Wax Vacuuming Technique

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Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Electric Guitar


Short C-Shaped Neck
Easy To Manipulate
Pinewood Body

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Schecter OMEN-6 6-String Electric Guitar


Vintage Body Style
Create Soft, Whispering Sounds
Minor Tuning Adjustments

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Gibson Les Paul Faded T 2017 Electric Guitar

best electric guitar gibson-les-paul-faded-T-2017-electric-guitar

High End Electric Guitar
Professional Level Instrument
Amazing Appearance

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1) Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V OVS Electric Guitar





  • Weight – 11.46 pounds (5.19 kg)
  • Size – 47.8 x 17.9 x 4.1 inches (121.41 x 45.46 x 10.41 cm)
  • Package Includes – Only Guitar
  • Our Rating – (4.8 / 5)
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Yamaha PAC112V OVS is a great versatile option for all beginner and professional guitarists. This guitar has some high-quality pickups. At the same time, rosewood frets board provides great mobility and great sound quality. It provides a very professional sound by these single-coil magnet humbucker pickups that give sharpness and clarity. Its volume is adapted to five positions to achieve different tones for different occasions. When considering about electric guitars, it is one of the best guitar brands for beginners.

It offers versatility as well as a concert of excellent quality and a great rehearsal. Also has the old style presentation that blows people’s minds. PAC112V OVS model has 22 frets that can generate great chords. You can play octaves for greater versatility when composing music with this one. Solid alder body makes the instrument resistant to travel and circumstances where it can be hit.

These series have an outstanding game of sounds that can be taken from the pills. According to the users, this is the best electric guitar for the money in 2018 because its tones allow the musician to adapt his sound to the occasion. This series of Yamaha guitars aims more about the physical appearance. It also highlights some featured specifications for the topic best beginner electric guitar. There are high-quality materials like maple neck and adjustable pegs that allow a fine-tuning. It is a good option for all those guitarists who wish to have a guitar with excellent appearance.

Technical Details

When considering technical details, the scale length is 648 mm and generating harmonic sounds is ideal. They can be optimized with the quality of pickups or microphones. The metal knobs maintain the tuning for long periods and provide a great fit. The division of the coil allows generating several tones. It is ideal for country music, jazz, and blues.

There is a tremolo guitar bridge system and leaves a short distance with the strings. That ensures clean sounds, thanks to the radius of the fretboard (350 mm). The vintage-style tremolo with saddles allows the guitarist to generate octaves of each chord. Its chrome hardware is improved and allows a high quality of sounds and also gives excellent versatility. Most of the users say that Yamaha PAC112V OVS model can use for stage performances without meeting any trouble. Also, the sound is as good as more guitars that are expensive.

Another important aspect is the quality of the materials of tuning fork. It provides good mobility for each of the frets. Moreover, its appearance makes this guitar very popular with users. It also highlights the fact of being able to change drastically in tonalities. All this is possible with the interchangeable microphone that generates tones from rock to the most acoustic ones. Enjoy this beauty! Its microphone gives a noticeable sound and allows taking advantage of the benefits of the amplifiers. Yamaha is one of the best electric guitar brands, which is famous for producing high-end musical instruments.


  • Variety of Pickup configurations
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty from Yamaha
  • Reasonable price and low string tension


  • amplifier, cable, and stand are not included in the primary purchase
  • Not very good for professional players



2) Yamaha TRBX174 BL Electric Bass Guitar





  • Weight – 11.8 pounds (5.35 kg)
  • Size – 47.8 x 17.9 x 3.7 inches (121.41 x 45.46 x 9.39 cm)
  • Package Includes – Only Guitar
  • Our Rating –  (4.7 / 5)
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Yamaha TRBX174 BL is also another best budget electric guitar like Yamaha PAC112V OVS. This Yamaha model is one of the most versatile alternatives in the electric guitar market. The vintage style of its bridge gives it an incredible look. Its mahogany body also makes it resistant to all kinds of circumstances. It also has a maple neck that gives an elegant look and at the same time, bringing good durability. When talking about physical appearance, it has a vintage Look with a modern feel.

Something that impresses is the nut, which gives a better adjustment in the tuning. The fingerboard has top-quality materials, and the scale length is 863.6mm. You can produce different chord varieties without getting any trouble. Its sharpness is another significant feature, and this is a possibility thanks to its Split Coil and Single Coil pickups. The quality of its finishes is very characteristic, thanks to its manufacturing materials. It is also available in different string options and woods.

The tuners also allow a significant adjustment and a fine-tuning. If you are a person who looking for the best electric guitar for beginners, I can recommend Yamaha TRBX174 BL model because it is easy to handle and provides an excellent sound. Another important fact is its price, where users say it is a budget-friendly bass. You can fill the spaces of the amphitheaters. Users also highlight its great tone and ability to imitate surround sounds. It best suits for those who dislike humbuckers that give off sounds that are muddier and fatter at high volumes.

Technical details

Give your best presentation and dazzle everyone with this quality instrument has different volume options as1 front volume, one rear volume, and one tone volume. The rosewood fingerboard also gives it great strength and an excellent professional finish. Its mahogany body also makes it very resistant to shock. The maple neck also gives you a perfect composition for playing chords. I can recommend this model as the best electric guitar under 200 from my list.

Its sound is clear and loud, providing incredible sound quality. It is fascinating compared to similar instruments that have very high costs. Its 24 frets also allow the generation of great melodies. It comes with three knobs and one volume knows for the bridge pickup, one for neck pickups and the 3rd knob that affects the tone. Many musicians recommend this instrument to the beginners by considering the sound and easy usability.

TRBX174 BL Electric Bass Guitar has an attractive appearance that makes it see as a very professional instrument. It has a regular 1/4″ guitar jack and can be played with a mini guitar amp too. Instrument guarantees a fine-tuning and amplification of excellent qualities. Be able to perform everywhere and practices styles ranging from jazz to the most powerful music in the rock world. This option is possible thanks to Yamaha’s electric bass engineering development. It comes with a single coil and a magnet and can produce exceptional bright sounds. Good choice if you are looking for some best beginner electric guitar packages.


  • The individual adjustable bridge system
  • Lightweight and high-quality materials
  • Single Coil helps to produce a bright tone


  • Not a full-scale bass
  • Only the black colored variant is available



3) Epiphone Les Paul Standard ENS-EBCH1 Electric Guitar





  • Weight – 10 pounds (4.53 kg)
  • Size – 47.8 x 17.9 x 3.7 inches (114.3 x 43.18 x 17.78 cm)
  • Package Includes – Only Guitar
  • Our Rating – (4.6 / 5)
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Les Paul ENS-EBCH1 electric guitar is a mid-priced and classic guitar model suits for guitar lovers, whether they are beginners or professionals. Most of the users describe it as a good instrument that offers excellent versatility. The construction of its body is of solid wood material that makes it very resistant. The shape of this guitar (Les Paul style) is reminiscent of those famous guitars that famous artists hold. Feel like a rock star! Take advantage of all the characteristics of this great creation.

The mast is mahogany, and the fretboard is of rosewood, giving it a significant resistance to do all the tours of your life. This instrument of six strings also has an exact separation of the mast to generate a clean sound. It also has diapason markings that are trapezoidal. This makes it possible for the musician to identify the location of the different tonalities quickly.

It also has an H-H style pickup. Alnico classic humbucker provides bright tones and different configuration options. The tremolo also has a possibility of adjustment called Tune-O-Matic. It gives a higher precision when it comes to tuning and intonation. The length of the scale (62.87 cm) also allows a significant displacement by the musician. This also means that you can execute all the rhythms effectively. Epiphone also offers a lifetime warranty on this product. If you are a guy looking for the best electric guitar under 300, I recommend adding some couple of dollars and going for Les Paul Standard ENS-EBCH1 option.

Technical details

Epiphone is a company that produces musical instruments since 1873. Its parent organization is Gibson Brands, Inc. The chrome fittings ensure a perfect tuning and durability of the tone adjustment. It allows an excellent sequence of sounds when connecting it to the amplifiers. Stop-Tail bridge piece is also another significant feature of the instrument. You can get a high-level presentation by just adjusting a small button on its body. High-grade Pole screws and ABS plastic bobbins bring more stable features to the instrument.

You can change different tones using tremolo and Tune-O-Matic properties. It is lightweight and allows you to generate lasting shows. There is a unique wax vacuuming technique used that saturates and seals the whole body with wax two times. This sealing helps ensure zero bass response in the guitar. Another feature of the quality of its materials is a picker that allows many adjustments.

Set up high-quality tunings and take advantage of the power of your pickups Take advantage of the tremolo and the configuration of its mast. After passing some years by using this model, it won’t decrease the sound quality. It doesn’t contain cheap bolt-on necks, and there is a good binding between neck and body. In 2017, this Epiphone model became more popular and Appropriately considered as the best electric guitar 2017.


  • Produce rich, smooth, and warm Sound
  • Sturdy Stop-tail Bridge and well-finished die-cast tuners
  • Set Neck assures excellent string to body resonance


  • Not very good for thrifty buyers
  • Somewhat slippery surface



4) Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Electric Guitar




  • Weight – 12.95 pounds (5.87 kg)
  • Size – 42 x 5 x 15 inches (106.68 x 12.7 x 38.1 cm)
  • Package Includes – Only Guitar
  • Our Rating – (4.5 / 5)
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If somebody is looking for the best electric guitar under 500, Fender Modern Player Tele Plus guitar is the most recommend one that I suggest. Users from beginners to experts love the sound quality of this model. It has many exciting features such as a humbucking bridge pickup that allows the precise configuration of different tones. The best of all is that this guitar offers the possibility of having different microphones for different occasions. You can find this at the central tablet Strat that is an innovation of the company. It has 22 jumbo style frets that allow the generation of large scales and octaves.

In a radius of 9.5 “, it surprises the great qualities of sound that emanate from this instrument. Fender bets on this type of guitar to be able to reach all market segments. It also has a coil split mini-switch that generates impressive sounds. Fender electric guitar also comes with a maple neck in a C shape. It allows a full combination of its powerful microphone. Its chrome pegs allow a perfect adjustment when refining it.

The material of the body is excellent, and its solid wood makes it very resistant to travel and even against strong blows. Pinewood also gives it great versatility when it comes to moving through each of its frets. The width of the nut (42 mm) also allows an exact separation for large chords. The primary volume enables you to make the most of its microphone.

Technical details

Fender is a company which product musical instruments since 1946. An aspect that stands out is its chrome fittings that allow a perfect adjustment of the tones. It has a very important bridge, and six saddles with strings through the body provide excellent tension for the tuning. The synthetic bone schools also allow good durability over time. This guitar highlights its master volume control and its tone master control. They give it great precision when it comes to playing it.

Fender Stratocaster middle pickup, telecaster neck pickup also helps to improve the tone quality. It also highlights its cost, which represents a significant relationship between quality and price. Another interesting feature of this collector’s item is its vintage-style tuners that give a distinctive touch to the look of the guitar. The length of scale makes it very interesting when producing the chords (64.8 cm). You can generate large presentations for an extended period without losing the tuning.

Many musicians also highlight the possibility of adjusting it to the knees. They say that the guitar does not present discomfort after large shows. Its round neck shape also makes it very versatile. All these thanks to the configuration of its screw, that has good rest areas (for the fingers). If your budget limit is about $600, Fender Modern Player Tele Plus is the best electric guitar under 600.


  • Short C-Shaped Neck and easy to manage for beginners
  • High-grade pinewood body and maple fingerboard
  • Can obtain a wide range of tones


  • 5-way pickup is somewhat difficult to master for beginners
  • price covers only the electric guitar and should buy amp, cable, case and picks separately



5) Schecter OMEN-6 6-String Electric Guitar






  • Weight – 7.25 pounds (3.28 kg)
  • Size – 46 x 6 x 19 inches (116.84 x 15.24 x 48.26 cm)
  • Package Includes – Only Guitar
  • Our Rating – (4.5 / 5)
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Schecter OMEN-6 Electric Guitar is very particular since it has some very peculiar assembly features. It has a vintage body style, which is very lightweight. OMEN-6 model takes advantage of the dimensions and the weight of the guitar. It also can create soft, whispering sounds. The range of mid tones that its microphone produces is excellent. Schecter Diamond Plus humbuckers also have ceramic magnets that give an excellent sound quality. The neck is made of maple wood that gives it great durability. Its fingerboard is of rosewood.

It also brings a tuner that is of great quality to give a precision to each tone. It also has a Tune-O-Matic bridge, which allows you to adjust the guitar for various tones and configure different musical styles. The 24 jumbo X frets enable large scales. You can combine them with octaves of great resolution. There is a considerable distance between the fingerboard and the strings. This allows you to generate a high sound quality. It comes equipped with a set of Ernie Ball Regular Slinky # 2221 strings.

Schecter OMEN-6 is also a two-piece guitar that allows higher pitches generation. This is very special to be able to diversify the different styles of music. The fretboard is thinner than regular electric guitars and helps the musician’s comfort. It is a good choice if you want to have a great looking guitar and good sound quality. If you are looking for some best electric guitars, don’t forget to consider this one too.

Technical details

Schecter OMEN-6 Electric Guitar’s body is of a wood thread. It is an excellent material, which contains medium and high frequencies. This means it is wood, which produces very little resonance. The arm is maple wood and a thin layer of rosewood. It makes it unique for genres such as rock and metal. Schecter pins allow an excellent quality of tuning and at the same Tim maintains the tones. The frets are entirely made of steel. They can prove this way, better mobility for the musician and high durability.

The bridge is built according to the Floyd Rose floating style. It guarantees the quality of the tuning. As for the microphones, it is very technically gifted. The form of the microphones is Schecter in Alnico alloy (Aluminum, nickel, and cobalt). This provides a very classic sound but very powerful at the same time when producing low frequencies, in combination with the highs. It can generate a powerful sound, especially with the amplifiers. If your budget limit is about $400, Schecter OMEN-6 is the best electric guitar under 400 from this list.

It has a selector that provides three different combinations. Switch and make the microphones work together or separately. This also gives a great versatility of the musician when configuring music styles. It also has a tone and volume control that allows regulating the action of each microphone. When you are looking for some best looking electric guitars, consider about Schecter OMEN-6 model too.


  • Suitable for guitar lovers of all ages
  • Playable with minor tuning adjustments
  • Great value and excellent tone for metal


  • You need to be a bit careful when using the tuning pegs
  • Fret is somewhat rough and requires some small filing



6) Gibson Les Paul Faded T 2017 Electric Guitar (best high end electric guitar)

best electric guitar gibson-les-paul-faded-T-2017-electric-guitar




  • Weight – 9 pounds (4.08 kg)
  • Size – 44 x 5 x 17 inches (111.76 x 12.7 x 43.18 cm)
  • Package Includes – Only Guitar
  • Our Rating – (4.7 / 5)
Check Price Now

If you are looking for the best electric guitar under 1500 dollars, I suggest you add some few hundred and think about Les Paul Faded T 2017. Be able to enjoy an excellent power and quality instrument with a good price. Its characteristic makes it unique, and at the same time, it generates impressive sounds. Its appearance looks like a worn vintage finish, but at the same time, it is impressively great. There are two primary colors as Worn Brown and Worn cherry. The appearance of Worn brown is suitable for Rock and heavy metal bands.

Specifically, Humbuckers 490R and 490T give a superior sound quality when playing. All Gibson guitars provide a very characteristic tone of Les Paul. It has a maple layer that offers great strength and durability. Its mahogany body makes it very versatile and very light to give great presentations. The thin conical neck also produces excellent sensations for the player.

Its graphite Tektoid style nut offers greater harmonics. Set up in the middle range and high frequency perfect for a rich and detailed tone. High-quality wood soundboard produces intense, clear and bright sounds. Designing process of Gibson Les Paul Faded T guitar started in 2016, and still, also it can be included in professional top 10 guitars in the world.

Technical details

Its profile of thin conical neck offers great versatility and mobility to the musician when it comes to playing it. Its vintage style and having keystone tuners are perfect precision when setting the tones. The musician can have great versatility when playing different styles of music. It also comes with two volume controls, and two tones are great options to configure different sounds. Its maple top gives great comfort to the musician because it makes it very light. Its scale length (24.75) allows you create top octaves.

It has 22 well-marked frets, and the mast has excellent quality materials. There is a perfect thickness to be able to slide around the guitar’s fingerboard. It also generates a high possibility to have perfect tones. Its bridge also creates a good tension in the strings to avoid annoying sounds. It includes classic Gibson controls which 2 volumes, 2 tones and 1 toggle switch for tone control. Franklin Titebond 50 glue has been used to bind some parts, which brings excellent stability.

The shape of its body allows you to rest your arms and fingers to generate lasting presentations. It has SP1-B none bound Peg Head and a 17 degrees headstock angle. The tuning machines are Vintage Style Keystone, and you will have precise, long-lasting tuning and durability. It has an adjustable zero fret titanium nut, and this prevents the guitar from losing the tones.


  • High-quality tone and great playability
  • lightweight
  • Suitable for professional level too


  • Frets are not well leveled and have sharp edges on frets
  • narrow nut slots
  • The neck is not straight

After the review of best electric guitars of all time, let’s focus on some other parts.



The Anatomy Of An Electric Guitar








The electric guitar has many interesting elements in its anatomy. However, the main difference is in the type of guitar you want to buy. For these reasons, you deserve to know each of the details of the anatomy of a guitar. Given this, we have the following elements for a guitarist to choose correctly.

Solid-body guitars represent an excellent option for both beginner guitarists and intermediate guitarists. In this sense, the solid body guitar offers a loud and clear sound. Also, they are the easiest to play, which is an advantage for beginners. This type of robust body guitar is special for representing genres such as pop and rock.

On the other hand, there are hollow body guitars. This type of guitars can offer a good sound quality with excellent and smooth bass. There are many styles of music that you can play with this type of guitar. However, they are beautiful to play genres such as blues, jazz, and soft pop. The sound of this guitar is very resonant and has very enveloping bass. It is an excellent choice for favorite musical genres.

But also, a guitarist who looks for the best electric guitar 2018 for his presentations, he should look at the shape of the body too. This point is interesting since this has a lot to do with the appearance of the guitar. For many musicians, both the sound quality and the appearance of the guitar are essential. For this reason, they look for models such as the Telecaster or Les Paul, as well as Stratocaster and the V-shaped ones.


Another important part of a guitar’s anatomy has to do with manufacturing materials

That is, then, that wood plays a very important role in the quality of sound. At the same time, the elements allow the musician to move around the entire fingerboard. On the other hand, it is important to select a guitar based on the tonal qualities you seek.

To cite an example, mahogany guitars offer a very warm and subdued sound, ideal for harmonic chords. There are also swamp ash guitars that provide a brighter sound. Finally, regarding the body and its manufacturing materials, there are lime guitars. This offers a better balance between sound quality and harmony.

Other important details are also found, such as the quality of the sound pickups that define a guitar.



Things that you have to consider when choosing the best electric guitar

Many things can be found when selecting an electric guitar. The sound quality, the displacement and the quality of the materials are some of these. Although you have the best electric guitar in the world, remember there are cons as pros. However, we will delve into each of these aspects to give a better description.

Sound quality
The sound quality is crucial for the beginner, intermediate and expert guitarists alike. In this sense, the sound quality comes mostly from the variety of the materials. That is to say, that a guitar with a good quality of microphones and materials of the soundboard, is a success. Similarly, a guitar and has both pegs as a bridge of great quality will ensure good tones. All this, for the tension that will exist in the ropes. Also, the correct separation distance between the strings and the fingerboard. All this gives a great sound quality.

the quality of the materials and the composition of the frets in the tuning fork, provide that ideal displacement. If a guitar offers a proper displacement, it will be an excellent acquisition for every guitarist. It does not matter if a beginner is an expert, displacement is vital. You can make chords with great harmony and generate a great presentation. All this, thanks to the displacement provided by the guitar.

Quality of materials
As previously stated, the variety of materials is an essential condition for sound quality. Therefore, by having quality materials, you must do precise adjustments. Topics such as tuning and generating annoying noises are fundamental. You can maintain the tuning for a long time and in a precise manner. Also, the separation of the frets and the bridge represent important points in the quality.


How to maintain an Electric Guitar?

To maintain a guitar correctly, you need certain special and routine care. In this sense, the best practices could be the following.

Clean the strings: it is very important to constantly clean the strings in order to generate a good displacement by the fingerboard. In the same way, it is important to clean the strings to make sure that there is good sound quality. The cleaning of the ropes must be done daily and must be with appropriate solutions for that purpose.

Polishing: polishing your guitar is an art. It is essential to polish your guitar so that the quality of its appearance is always in good condition. At the same time, polishing the guitar is generating a good option for the musician’s movement.

Some easily doable points

Keep the guitar in its case or bag: almost all the guitar in the market brings its respective case as well as its bag. The idea of all this is to remove it from dust residue, as well as protect it from bumps. The guitar also has a case to move them appropriately. When buying best new electric guitars, it is essential to buy a case and their respective accessories. This is an easy but necessary maintenance activity.

Move the pins and buttons: this point is essential, as they must be cleaned properly and continuously. On the one hand, the pins give a good fit and moving them will prevent them from stagnating. Additionally, moving the buttons is preventing the dust from being stored in them.

Use the guitar cable well: for proper maintenance, the cable should not be bent too much to prevent splitting. At the same time, special care is essential, especially when using the straps. All this, because they can easily split the cable. Additionally, if a lot of attention is placed on the cable, it could damage the cable entry.

All these details are very important when it comes to maintaining an electric guitar properly. These procedures will help you to use the instrument without getting any problem for a long time.


How to tune an electric guitar?

Tuning an electric guitar has a series of steps to follow. In this sense, most guitars have six strings. There are special presentations of brands like Ibanez that bring from seven to 12 strings. Every musician should know how to tune his guitar. Therefore, it is important to follow a sequence that allows a proper tuning.

Concerning this, know that you can tune from the thickest rope to the thinnest.

That is to say, if you are talking about a six-string guitar, you have to tune from string number six to string number one.

To properly tune the guitar, the first thing to do is find the appropriate tone. In this sense, if you want a standard tuning, the guitar should have E as tone. A lot of genres use that tones. Successively in that basket rope that in turn that the thickest, you should continue to refine the following. Therefore, you must step on this string on the number five fret. When playing this tone, you should tune the fifth string that sounds like that fifth fret. That is to say, that if it is tuned in E, the guitar in the fifth fret gives the A chord.

Next, you must step on the fifth fret of the fifth string to be able to tune the next string

Therefore, the tone to configure would be D, which you can obtain from the sound on the fifth fret of the fifth string. To refine the next string, repeat the above procedure. This means, then, that the fifth fret of the string D you have to step on with the finger. This sound will then generate the G tone.

In the same way, you can push this string on, but instead of the fifth fret, you have to do it on the fourth fret. That is, by a standard composition of guitar tunings. Recapitulating, to tune this second string, you must step on the third string on the fourth fret. This sound will play and give the tone B. Then it would be fine-tuning the last string.

For this tuning procedure, the previous strings are repeated to the tone B. That is to say, that is stepped on the fifth fret of the second string to fine-tune that last string. The sound that is sought is E again.

All the previous steps that allowed you to tune your guitar appropriately and in a standard way. If you want to tune in another tone, you only look for the sequence of tones that each string must have in that sense.



FAQ about electric guitar

Is it important that the guitar has good sound pads?
Yes, that is practically the soul of the guitar. The reproduction of the sounds and the compatibility with the effects pedals depends a lot on the microphones.

Can you replace the frets with a guitar?
Yes, in fact, many people what they do is buy a good looking guitar, and they put the microphone they want.

What is the best electric guitar under 1000?
I can recommend Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Electric Guitar, Yamaha RevStar RS502T Electric Guitar, and Fender Deluxe Stratocaster Electric Guitar.

How do I avoid annoying noises when I play the guitar?
You should avoid balancing on the ropes. At the same time, you should avoid giving the strings very hard because that creates distortion.

Can I add an acoustic effects pedal to the guitar?
Yes, in fact, international artists often add many effects to clean sounds.

How do I prevent the damage to the cable entry?
Properly adjusting the cable with the guitar. Prevent there are cable pulls that can damage the sound input.

Can I use Vaseline to clean the strings of the guitar?
Many musicians suggest this type of practice to keep their strings in good condition. They say that it remains it for much longer and they give a lot of mobility.

How can you keep tuning for much longer?
You have to care about both the quality of the pins and the gears. In this way, you could maintain the tuning for a long time.

How beginner student learn to play electric guitar?
There are so many beginner electric guitar lessons on the internet for free. And after learning some areas, try to play some electric guitar beginner songs. This article from will help you to find some songs.



From everything we’ve seen before, an electric guitar is a kind of art. Its proper selection will depend a lot on the quality of its materials and the musician’s budget. At the same time, it will depend on the musical style that the musician wants to play. On the other hand, the quality of the guitar also depends on the strings and pegs. The first, because it will help to reproduce quality chords. Regarding the second ones, they allow a stable tuning and can keep it for a long time.

On the other hand, depending on the style of music you want to play, there is a guitar for each musician. There are many details in this regard that musician’s take into account today. The quality of the strings, as well as the sound pickups, are very important. The tablets or microphone represents the musical style that the musician wants to play.

At the same time, to have a best electric guitar for a long time, you have to give regular maintenance to it. On the other hand, it is also important to protect your guitar from the blows, with the case they bring. During the maintenance process, you have to move both the pins and the buttons. This will prevent the dust from entering them and help reduce the quality of the sound. All this selection of guitars goes under the opinions of the users and with the sales levels in the online stores. We hope you liked this article a lot.


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