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Yubikey Review and Buyer’s Guide

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At the moment keeping your online account secure is more important than it’s ever been before and even having a unique password isn’t necessarily going to secure your account from any malicious people out there. A tiny device called Yubikey can now aid you fighting off hackers.

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Have anyone tried to log in to your accounts?

Last year, my friend’s Google account was logged on from the Philippines. Neither has he been to the Philippines, nor does he have any friends there. Lucky for him. Google flagged this to be suspicious and blocked them from getting into the account. Yet they somehow, got his password. The blame could be put on my friend because he might have accessed from somewhere unsecure.

Anyway, the fact is they still got his password right. Hopefully the repercussions were minimized because Google already alerted Alfred. But the fear of losing his private data echoed through his mind and that was when he got introduced to two step authentication. As the name suggests two step authentication means alternative to using a password, you take a step forward and use something else to tighten security. Be it a random code or a simple tap on a button.








What is two step authentication?

It can be a digital button on your phone or a physical key like the Yubikey. Yubikeys which look like memory cards, also called newbie seeds are produced from a company called Yuico. Yubikeys are certainly proven to protect your account from the black cap hackers.

For instance, when it comes to logging into your Google account you follow the traditional procedure and then you are urged to give the secret authentication key. But you actually have to plug the Yubikey into the USB port to prove that a human is using it. Soon as Google discerns it as you, it will then let you in. Yubikey also work with unicorn brands such as Facebook,Dropbox and GitHub accessories.









Easy to use or not?

Now you might be thinking it’s so frustrating to plug something in every time you want to log in. Fear not since you can block future verifications. Just to give you an example, on my personal PC, I have altered the settings to “remember me”. In case I have to plug it into another computer it will ask for the key.

Assume you don’t have the key, you can then print some codes which can only be used once or else use a code generated from your phone’s app.

Yubikeys are robust and pretty straightforward. Despite being fairly expensive the security benefits they give you are priceless.

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Possible benefits compared to the smartphone

Phones use 2FA Authentication. Where there is authentication, there are hackers. Hackers can send spam emails containing viruses. Using a Yubikey will free your mind off those issues. It cannot be hacked or cracked since it’s physical.